streda 23. novembra 2011

Quiet Treader

I feel like i've lived a thousand lives,
like i've walked a thousand miles.
Like there's a thousand Earths,
orbiting a thousand Suns.

I'm tired of all the faiths.
To fight for yours.
To find my place.

I've had many names
and 've been to every place.

If there's a place called home,
please show me,
cause I could'nt find it,
and I'm lost.

I've spent lives,
showing other's ways.
So I lost mine,
if there's one I ever had.

I feel like a stranger in my life.
Like a mistake,
meant for another world and time.

People crossed my way.
Never said a word, never stayed.

So I was, am and will always be,
the one, who lonely walks this world,
as the Sun sets and rise.
Again and again, so many times.

I've watched empires fall and rise.
Vitness deaths of stars.

Like a quiet, unknown treader,
not on his way home, anywhere neither.

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